ECompliance Release Notes For 2020.02.11

Date: Feb 11, 2020
We have deployed a number of fixes affecting web version of eCMS and the reporting module.
  • Deleting Forms with HAs linked won't unlink HA from form
  • Mandatory question error message pops up even when answer is filled
  • Users with Asset permissions can Edit Assets of other sub-sites if they have the URL
  • Hazard Matrix link is not generated when you print Inspection form HA via the app
  • Deleted Linked Asset prevents the form from being deleted
  • [REPORTING] Data Integrity issue in reporting
  • [REPORTING] Document Acknowledgement Report (Data Table)Times out for large orgs
  • [REPORTING] Acknowledgement Report in Reporting Tab is inaccurate
  • [REPORTING] Changes made to reports are not sticking
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