eCompliance Release Notes For 2019.11.20

Date: Nov 20, 2019


This release contains a new version of Safety Intelligence packed with multiple bug fixes. Performance improvements include:

- Upgrading to Izenda 3.6 and .NET 4.7.2 to resolve third party and other reporting issues in Safety Intelligence.

- Modified query to filter OSHA form exports based on the incident date.

Bug fixes: 
- [IZENDA] [3.5.0 Fix] When you print dashboards, the filter logic breaks.
- [IZENDA] Hazard Assessment Data View in Izenda does not pull in Risk Scores
- [IZENDA] Hazard Assessment data view in Reporting not working 
- [IZENDA] Calculation of Site-specific inspection targets by form type errors out
- [IZENDA] Pivot Table Output Unpresentable to Clients
- [IZENDA] 'All Reports' view not showing all reports
- [IZENDA] Embedded Dashboard Sub filters do not work.
- [IZENDA] Sites get unselected after the filters are updated and saved

- TRIF error in Calculated Field

- When a local report is over a certain number, not all of them show up in My Reports
- Filters in Dashboard page breaks the report's filter

- Per Site Summary view takes a long time to load

- Dashboard's Schedule option does not allow to rename instance name of a copied schedule
- In Izenda 2.6.18, creating Dashboard and selecting "Category" options throws 400 error in console
- Analytics container div isn't resizing when zooming out in safari

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