How Do I Download Another Internet Browser?

Many users are under the impression that they have to use their default browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Apple).

In fact, you can change your browser anytime, provided you have the permission necessary* to download a new browser.

Internet Explorer has reached the end of the line and we recommend you switch if it's still your default. 

How do I download another browser? 

To download a new browser, you'll have to open your old one. Your first task is to search for a new browser. eCompliance is supported on modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, so these are good options. 

Next, open the download page for your new browser and then launch the installation file. 

Installation varies between web browsers, but it will likely involve reviewing and accepting license terms and choosing an install location.


*Some IT departments block the download of new browsers on company computers, in which case you will need to speak to your IT person to authorize the new browser download/installation. 


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