Field ID Mobile Release – 2019.10.31

Version: 3.1.10 Date: Oct 31, 2019

This release contains a new feature which allows customers to clone an Existing Asset. Also on the release, several bug fixes related to Start From Previous, Google Maps, and Version numbers

- Version number in the app does not match version number in the store
- When creating a new Asset, I would like the option to copy data from an existing Asset


- Edit an asset online and offline
-  ‘Edit’ button edits the previous Asset instead of current Asset
- Start from Previous Fix: Clone Previous Event without Error
- GPS location not populating in 3000.1.9 (3.1.9)

- Clone Asset does not clone the Asset Type Attributes And their Data
- Not able to clone the Asset which has value entered for its Asset Type Attribute
- Clone Asset form does not display ‘Serial Number’ label
- Clone Asset copies the location of the parent asset instead of getting the current location
- Clone Asset should Trigger Event Schedule, if the Asset Type has any
- Asset Clone is not creating new Asset after saving if the parent asset has a linked Asset
- Clone Asset is not copying the ‘Comments’ and ‘Assigned To’  fields


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