eCompliance Release Notes for 2019.10.21

Version: 2019.10.21

Date: Oct 21, 2019

This release contains a batch of priority fixes for eCompliance administrators and end-users. 

Bug Fixes: 
- Published HA version shown in Document Listing Page throws server error page when tried to upload a new version of a document
- "Safety Intelligence" "Settings" and "Reporting" tabs are not shown properly on low res web
- "Illegal characters in path." server error when adding a special character to the name field of Hazard Assessment
- When admin edits a certificate for approval the certificates order shifts randomly
- Download for Hazard Assessments Template under Administration shows server error if duplicate template name exists.
- Import function for HA Templates in Administration does not upload file
- Google map for Map in Inspection/Incident/Meetings tab doesn't load (IE 11) 
- Server error while step validation for HA Template under the Administration tab. Add steps validation and display a message to the user.
- Map view in Meetings, Inspections, Incidents throws server error with max JSON length error
- Fix action items in programs

- Improve performance of site delete by mass deleting forms in a sequel query.

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