Job Profiles and adding training for new employees

Employee training is an important component of an integrated safety program. Training helps your employees to increase their knowledge and competency related to the tasks they are required to complete as part of their job. 

This is why eCompliance tracks and reports on training by the Job Profile assigned to an employee. (It is possible to add a single training requirement, however, this is not tracked for reporting purposes). 

If your Job Profiles in eCompliance are up to date - meaning that you've assigned the right training required for each role - you can simply add the Job Profile to a new employee. This will assign all the training to them, allow you to track and include them in your reporting. 

It is recommended that you regularly review all Job Profiles in eCompliance, and double-check the workers/training assigned to each Job Profile are correct, to ensure that training requirements are properly assigned. 

For guidance or assistance with your current Job Profiles, please reach out to your Success Coach. 


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