Optimize your form usability by limiting the questions!

Is there a maximum number of questions I can include on a form template? We get asked this quite often.

While there's no limit to the number of questions you can put on a form template, technically speaking, you want it to work for your workers! We encourage new and existing customers to carefully consider (and test) how your template will show up on the mobile app and affect its usability in the field.

A form with hundreds of questions, or even just without separate sections, could be pretty daunting on a 5-inch iPhone screen - not to mention potentially slowing load times down and affecting the worker's productivity.

Form templates with 300+ questions can also cause other user-related issues such as slow load times, sync issues on older browsers, and larger pdf files will be generated. (Many email servers won't allow a file greater than 20MB, so if your form exceeds that limit it's very likely it won't be received by the intended recipient.) 

To review and help optimize your form templates for your field workers, please connect with your Success Coach or your Onboarding Specialist.  

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