Audit Process: How to merge audits

the eCompliance Audit Tool does allow merges. To merge an audit, we recommend Auditors split up audits by Site. 

*Do NOT merge your audit mid-way through your audit.

Only conduct the merge at these points: 

a) at the start of your audit - to set the parameters of the justification table


b) at the end of the audit, to avoid duplication. 

Title Page, Company Details, Audit Details and Action Items are taken from the base file when merging audits. You will need to ensure the audit by the lead auditor has the most complete information in those fields. 

Click on 'Merge audits' function at the lower left-hand side of your screen and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Merge Audits

This function allows multiple audits to be merged or amalgamated into a single document. This functionality is especially useful when:

  • Multiple Auditors break up a specific audit and each auditor conducts part of the documentation review(s) and/or part of the required interviews and/or part of the observation tour(s) – the results from these individual “partial” audits can then be merged into a single audit document.
  • Team Audits: For large organizations it may be necessary for a team of auditors to each conduct a full audit at a different site / location. After completion of these individual audits, the results from all the audits are amalgamated or merged into a summary audit that contains the results of all the individual audits.

To launch the Merge Audits function, first ensure that that all open audits are saved and closed. Then select the Merge Audits function from the menu bar.

For more instructions on How To Merge Audits, consult the Audit Tool Help Menu shown at the top of your screen. 


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