How to Use the Scoring Template on Forms

To use the scoring template you can either: 

- Create a new template
- Copy an existing template and enable scoring

When creating a new inspection, incident, or meeting template, you will be asked if you would like the template to have scoring.

Select “Yes” to add scoring to the form. Selecting “No” will not score the form, however, scoring can be enabled at a later date. To enable scoring at a later date copy the template and enable scoring when prompted.

Once the template is open the first step is to record the “Overall Passing score”. This is the minimum percentage that all questions of your form need to pass, and the overall percentage of the form must be equal to (or greater) than this percentage for the form to pass.


As you create each section of the form, in the header you must input the “Passing Score” % for that section.

Each section can have its own Passing Score however they do contribute to the form’s overall score.

If one section fails to achieve the passing score amount then the entire form will fail.

Use this Passing Score to mark sections that are important enough to fail the form if the section fails. If there is a section that should always pass then leave it blank, or mark the passing score as “0” to indicate that this is a non-essential section.

How to Score Questions

Scores can only be attributed to the following 3 question types:

- Pass/Fail/NA 

- Multi Select

- Single Select

Other question types do not allow a score to be applied. 

As you add questions to each section you can include the “Points for pass” and the “Points for fail”.

ie. this is the number of points that will be awarded or deducted based on the selected answers. Negative numbers are applicable for “Points for fail”.


You can assign the number of points for a passing score, and for a failing score. Negative numbers are valid for a failing score.

Note: Selecting N/A as an answer removes the points and the question. The question will not receive any points, nor is it calculated in the total score.


With multi-select, you can attach a specific score to each option. In the “Max Score Allowed” field you can include the maximum score allowed to be awarded for completing this question as a whole. The number placed in this field should be equal to or less than the sum of the scores for each available answer.

Note: The N/A option must be enabled for multi-select questions. Selecting N/A as an answer removes the points and the question. The question will not receive any points, nor is it calculated in the total score.

Single Select

You can assign the number of points to award for each answer. Upon completion save the form. Then revise the scores and test the form to ensure that the right information is being captured. After testing the scoring template then publish the form to share it with your site.


Questions which are left unanswered when completing a form, irrespective of the question type, will not be scored.

To ensure that certain questions are answered make them mandatory; this will prevent the form from being completed without these questions being answered.

Modifying the scoring template of an already published form will not affect the scoring of previously completed forms.

If there are identical forms, one with scoring and one without, then consider adding “Scored“ to the form title of the scored form to indicate its difference with the other similar form.

Contact your Success Coach to obtain more recommendations or guidance on Scored Forms. 

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