Audit Tool Options: Access to "DIO" Verification

This option allows the Auditor to turn the requirement to collect Documentation, Interviews and Observation (DIO) verification evidence off. By changing this setting a number of items are affected as shown in the images below:

  • First, the verification options in the Audit / Self Assessment Process Flow (1) diagram are disabled
  • Next select the Navigation Pane (2) the ability to select the Review Documentation, Conduct interview and Record Observation nodes are hidden from the user.
  • When completing the audit Question response sections the user will now also find that:
    • The % of positive indications no longer apply (3).
    • If the audit protocol supported Automatic scoring this option will no longer be supported, because there are no longer results to convert to a score. All protocols will show a dropdown list for scoring (4).
    • Finally there are no auditor’s comments that can be displayed (5).



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