How do I Schedule Inspections and/or Action Items? 

To schedule an inspection in eCompliance, select “Scheduler” on the Inspections homepage.

Next, select the form that you would like to create a schedule for from the drop-down list of your inspection templates.

A schedule can only be created for published inspections.


On the “Create Schedule” page you can set the details for the inspection scheduler. Use the dropdown menu in the “Inspection Form” field to change the inspection template: 


The schedule is related to the form which is tied to a specific site, or sites. Ensure that you are editing the right forms.

When setting the frequency details, the inspection schedule can be set for:

- One Time: inspection should be completed just once

- Every Day: inspection should be completed every day

- Certain Days in the Week: inspection should be completed on certain days every week

- Certain Days in the Month: inspection should be completed on certain days every month

- Every Quarter: inspection should be completed once every 90 days

- Every Year: inspection should be completed once a year (every 365 days)

Managing Scheduled Inspections

To view your schedule listing select “Scheduler” on the “Inspections” page followed by “Manage Scheduled Inspections”:


Saved inspection forms that have schedules associated with them can be viewed in the “Active” tab. This contains all of the active schedules.

To modify a schedule for an inspection form click to view the schedule details. Each schedule has a “Schedule Activity” section at the bottom of the form which displays important information about that schedule.


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