Using Standard Incidents in eCompliance

Why Use Standard Incidents? 

By updating your forms with Standard Incident sections you will be able to report incidents using our industry standard fields across your organization and leverage our pre-made dashboards and injury reporting to coincide with this data collection. 

Standard Incident Classification provides assistance in four key areas:

1. Effective Dashboard/Reports for tracking incidents (TRIF/TRIR/DART/LTIR etc.) 

2. Easily gathering incident information 

3. Building transparency and provide insights 

4. Reporting to OSHA 

How Do I Add Standard Incident Sections? 

In order to see data in standard incident dashboards, the incident forms should include standard Incident sections.

*You will need to login to eCompliance using your Administrator credentials.

First, navigate to Incidents/Hazard tab > Incident Templates to edit an existing template or add a new one. 

Next, add Standard Incident sections to the selected Incident Template. 

Please note, standard sections contain canned list of questions and answers that can be added to a template. 


  • Can I change the question/answer in Standard Sections? No. The options are based on the reporting required. 
  • Can I delete questions in the Standard section? No. You cannot delete questions in standard sections. 
  • Can sections be rearranged? Yes! You can move the sections around to suit your needs. Simply drag and drop the section within the template itself. 
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