Audit Process: Create Action items

When the Audit / Self Assessment is complete, actions may be needed to address gaps that were identified during the audit process. 

Create Action Items. 

Typically, but not always, this is done after the audit has been completed. When creating an action plan (multiple action items) it is recommended that the Export Customer Copy function is used to delete any confidential information and to enable The Ability to “Create Action Items” under application Options.

  • Once The Ability to “Create Action Items” has been enabled the Create Action Item button (1) will appear in the Questions Edit View.


  • After selecting the Create action item button the action item details are displayed. Here, you can: 
    • (2) Define the Action Required
    • (3) Specify any Resources that may be needed to accomplish the task
    • (4) Define the Accountable Person responsible for the specific action item
    • (5) Define appropriate Estimated Start Date and Estimated Completion Date,
    • (6) As well as the Priority of the specific Action Item (this is also indicated as an Action Item Icon in the Navigation Pane).



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