Audit Process: Exporting a Customer Copy (Delete Confidential Auditor Comments)

This function, also known as “Sanitizing an Audit”, allows the user (“Auditor”) to create a copy of a file that can be provided to the customer (the organization that is being audited) by removing any confidential information from the file.

It is especially useful when a user wants to distribute the eC-AuditTool™ file for creating an action plan to address any gaps that were identified during the Audit / Self Assessment Process (please see Create Action Items under Options). 

This function will do the following:

  • Delete all Comments recorded in the Review documentation, Conduct interviews or Record Observation Steps of the audit (
  • Lock the Question Notes and Findings as read-only.
  • Turn the Create Action Items function under Options to On
  • Turn the Access to “DIO” verification function under Options to Off.
  • The audit will be Locked preventing anyone from changing the Access to “DIO” verification setting.
  • The file will be saved in the camd folder as the working .ECA file (e.g. ABC Company.ECA), but the customer copy will have the words “Customer Copy” appended to the file name (e.g. ABC Company – Customer Copy.eCA),


To use this function:

  • Select the file from which all confidential information should be removed (the file that should be sanitized)
  • Specify the new output file that should be created without confidential data.
  • Click the Start button to execute the function.



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