How do I use the Program Tab?

eCompliance's Program Tab allows customers to build their safety program to industry standards (ISO, COR, OSHA, etc.), and clearly shows compliance with the chosen safety protocol(s).

Access to the Program tab is based on site membership, all data that is submitted and all training completed is accessible by the account Administrator.

Please note: external permissions can be granted to assist with audits, contact your Success Coach or Customer Support for more details.  

Administration of the Program Tab

Can I use multiple protocols/standards?

Yes: It's common for companies to adhere to various protocols/standards based on work completed or physical locations; multiple protocols/standards can be managed at the Parent site or at each subsite.

Your eCompliance Onboarding Team will ensure you have access to the protocol(s)/standard(s) you require.

Can I add a new protocol?

Yes: From your homepage, click the button that reads "Assign a Program to this Site" and select from over 20 common safety protocols. 

Using the Program function to check your compliance to the chosen protocol/standard, you can review each sub-element and map your company’s safety program against the requirements of each element or sub-element of the desired standard.

You can link documents, assign activities and track progress with the Program Tab. 

The Program Tab is intended to organize your safety documentation; however, it is not a replacement for a strong safety management program. You may also require internal cooperation in the form of process/change management to ensure you are compliant with the requirements of your certifying body.

Please contact your Success Coach for recommendations on how to best leverage this feature. 



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