Audit Process: Audit Details

The eC-AuditTool™ is rich in functionality and is used to audit against various audit protocols.  Not all audits and protocols make use of all the functionality of the eC-AuditTool™.

Select the Audit Details menu item in the Navigation Pane. The Edit Window on the right will be populated with the information required for the audit protocol that is in use. The typical protocol requires both Auditor Details and Audit Details as shown in the image below.


When entering information it is important to note the following:

  • Some fields have built-in validation to ensure that the data entered meets the required format – see (1) in the image above – The icon (!) indicates that the word “Phone Number” does not meet the required format for a phone number (XXX) XXX-XXXX.
  • At any stage, the Validate this Section button in the lower right corner (2) can be used to validate the information on the page. And the results from the validation test are displayed in the Validation Window (3)
  • Some audit protocols may have optional requirements (4) (e.g. Return to work criteria). If the optional requirements are included in the audit an additional element(s) will be added at the end of the protocol (5).

Note: If the Audit Purpose (6) of Administrative is selected it allows the Auditor to mark any question as N/A. This setting should only be used after consultation with the overseeing certification body (or Certifying partner) to ensure that the resulting audit with omitted questions will not be rejected.

 Submission Reminder

Auditors, especially external auditors, are often involved in multiple audits at the same time, especially in the busy audit season (Sept-Dec). The submission reminder reminds the auditor of remaining number of days to

  1. a) Complete onsite activities
  2. b) Submit the final report to your certifying body (Certifying Partner)

Note: The reminder is based on the dates specified in the Audit Details section of the audit.




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