Audit Process: Company Details

Select the Company Details menu item in the Navigation Pane.

The Edit Window on the right will be populated with the information required for the audit protocol that is in use.

The typical protocol requires both Company Details and government or Provincial Workers Compensation Insurance information as shown in the image.


When entering information it is important to note the following:

  • Some fields have built-in validation to ensure that the data entered meets the required format –The icon (!) indicates the data entered does not meet the required format.
  • To add a Workers Compensation Insurance Number select the Add Account (The name of the button may vary based on province) button (1). This will add a section to the WCB Accounts window where the Account Number and associated Industry Codes can be added. Note that a company can have multiple Workers Compensation Insurance Account Numbers and that each number can be associated with multiple Industry Codes. To erase an Account Number and associated Industry Codes select the deletion icon (2) .
  • At any stage, the Validate this Section button in the lower right corner (3) can be used to validate the information on the page. The results from the validation test will be displayed in the Validation Window (4).
  • Important! The names of organizations/companies that appear in the Legal Name dropdown (5) are only those names of organizations/companies for which a valid license key has been added in the License Information... window. If a valid name is not selected in this window, then the Printing of the Audit Reports will be disabled.


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