Audit Tool - Homepage Application Layout

eC-AuditTool™ application layout consists of the areas as shown in the figure below:


  • Application Title Bar (1) – The title bar lists the name of the application and also the name of the file that is currently loaded. An asterisk (*) next to the file name indicates that there have been changes made to the file that have not been saved, e.g. [Filename]*.
  • Menu Bar (2) – The menu bar lists all the functions that are available in the application.
  • Tool Bar (3) – The tool bar contains short cuts to commonly used functionality


  • Navigation Pane (4) – The Navigation Structure within the navigation pane is the core of eC-AuditTool™, allowing the user to quickly navigate from one section to another within the application.
  • Edit Window (5) – By default the Edit window displays the Audit / Self Assessment Process Flow chart. After selecting an appropriate element in the Navigation Structure in the content of that element will be displayed in the edit window. At any time click on the Home button (6) in the toolbar to return to the Audit / Self Assessment Process Flow chart view.




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