How do I change: Company Name, Address, or Add Another Branch?

In Field ID, you can change your organization name easily - here's how:

- Go to Setup > Settings > Manage Organizations
- Click on the Edit link beside your Primary Organization to update your name, localization settings, address, website and PDF Image Logo.


Adding another branch in Field ID: 

You have the ability to add other branches or physical locations of your company in Field ID. These are called Secondary Organizations. 

Adding Secondary Organizations will allow you to keep customers separated, or to keep job site data between each branch.

When adding new customers (or job sites) and employees to Field ID you will be asked to select the Owner. The Owner can either be a primary or secondary organizational unit. Depending on who you would like to see the data you will assign a customer or user to either the primary or secondary.
Assign a customer to the primary organization if:
  • the customer is serviced or shared by all branches
  • you would like all employees to see that customer
Assign an employee to the primary organization if:
  • the employee works at the head office
  • you would like the employee to see customers for both the primary and all secondary organizations
Assign a customer to a secondary organization if:
  • you would like this customer not be visible to other branches (the primary can still view it)
Assign an employee to a secondary organization if:
  • you would like that employee to only see customers and data that belongs to their branch and the primary organization
  • hide information from other branches
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