System Settings, Dates and other options

Date Format:

To change how dates are displayed in your account go to Setup > System Settings > Date Format: 

Capture.PNGFrom the drop-down select one of the five different date formats. This is how all dates will be displayed throughout your Field ID account.


Extended Options: Depending on how your company uses Field ID there are extended options that you may want to enable or disable. To modify extended options go to Setup > Settings > System Settings


Asset Assignment: If you track equipment in Field ID that is personally assigned to an employee or contractor and would like to track that ownership in Field ID you will want to enable asset assignment. Other cases where you want to enable Asset Assignment:

  • Assign personal responsibility for equipment
  • Search for equipment that belongs to a specific person
  • Track who checks in and out equipment from your warehouse or tool crib
  • Assign a specific asset to a person (employee, customer, contractor)


Generate Manufacturer Certificates: If your company manufactures products that need a certificate issued and you would like Field ID to issue these electronically this should be enabled. Once enabled, each asset type you setup will have the ability to enable or disable having a manufacturer's certificate available.


Capture GPS Data: When using a handheld Device with GPS Field ID can capture the GPS Coordinates of where an asset is identified and where an event has begun. To enable GPS Capture go to Setup > Settings > System Settings.


Procedure Approval: Enables an authorized person to Publish a procedure, you may assign a group as the approver as well.  If left blank, procedures automatically publish, if a person or group is selected an email is sent indicating a procedure is awaiting their review and approval.


Identifier Format & Overrides: Each asset added to Field ID must have a primary identifier. This identifier by default is called a Serial Number. You have the option of changing the name and format of the primary identifier as well as setting up overrides for specific asset types. To get started go to Setup > System Settings > Settings and look for Identifier Format


Primary Identifier Format: The primary identifier is the default that you see throughout your account. This is the label that you will see when adding new assets and performing Asset, Reporting or Schedule searches. the primary identifier should cover the most common case on what you would like use as your primary identifier. 


Overrides: In some cases, you may be tracking another asset type that requires a different identifier label or format. For example, if you are using Field ID for equipment but would like to track employee certificates as well you may want to have the primary identifier for the employee by Employee Name instead of Serial Number. To do this click on the Create Identifier Overrides link.


You will see a list of all Asset Types you have set up in your Field ID account. Click the checkbox of the Asset Type you would like to create an override for. Enter a new Label and Auto-Generated Format. Now when adding a new Employee to your Field ID account you will be prompted to enter the Employee Name instead of the Serial Number.


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