How Do I Add a New Button Group?

To create a new button group in Field ID, go to Setup>Assets and Events>Event Types and click on the Button Groups tab located on the left of the page near the top.

Click "Add New Button Group" and the page will scroll to the end and you will be provided with a blank template to add your one-click buttons. Type a name for the button group in the empty text box on the left.

Next, click the first "Add" to the left to activate that button. Change what that specific button indicates (Pass, Fail, N/A).

Next type a label for that button. This label will be what you see along with the image in the event form.

Lastly, click the image to choose the one that best suits your purposes. With five different colours including one multi-colour and different images within the coloured shields for a total of 14 different buttons there will be one that suits your needs.

To add another button click the next "Add" directly to the right and repeat the steps. You can add up to six buttons. Once you have finished adding your buttons click "Save" to commit your changes.

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