Event Triggered

Event Triggered allows organizations to set up auto-scheduling based on the number of days between inspections. The next schedule will only be created when you have completed the event.

From your list of Asset Types select the one you would like to set up recurring events for. For this example, we will use Lift Truck. You will then click add and then Event Triggered.

This view will display all Event Types that can be completed on the Asset Type. You can now set up how often specific Event Types should be rescheduled. In the example below, we have all inspections set up with their proper frequencies. All event types that are not scheduled, such as Repairs or Transfers do not have a frequency setup. 


For each of the frequencies needed, you can also create a specific Owner or Job Site override.

E.g. if you need fire extinguishers inspected every 45 days instead of every 30 days, create an override to schedule the event type for 45 days rather than every thirty days. 

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