How do I sync the eCompliance Audit Tool with eCompliance?

Your organization can transfer Actions from the eCompliance audit tool into the eCompliance management software, to be actioned, tracked and completed. 

First, you will need to purchase a license to the eCompliance AuditTool visit eCompliance’s website:

After you have purchased a license, download the eCompliance Audit Tool here:

To transfer actions from the audit tool to eCompliance follow these steps. 

  1. Login to your completed Audit on the eC Audit Tool
  2. Click “Report” and select “Manage Audit Results Online:”


 3. Enter the Admin email associated with eC management system:


4. Select the top site and leave all the tick-based options on (default)


5. Click on the Upload button!

Congrats! You have uploaded your audit to eCMS!

*Please note: 

Recent updates to AMTA and AMHSA mean that audits from these two protocols cannot be uploaded to eCMS until further notice. 


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