eCompliance Release Notes 2019.04.06: Standard Incidents, Mobile Version 4.9.0.

Web and mobile Release for eCompliance

Version: 2019.04.06_standard_incident_classification* and *4.9.0* on mobile

We are thrilled to give web and mobile customers a new functionality called Standard Sections.

The first Standard Section to be released will help record Incident Recordable Details to make reporting TRIF easier across your organization.

By updating your forms, you will be able to report incidents using our industry standard fields across your organization and leverage our pre-made dashboards and injury reporting to coincide with this data collection. To learn more about Standard Incidents click here.

The release includes: 

- Help text for Sections
- Date range Field
- [Web] Ability to add standard section for the form template
- Include Date Range Question Type in PDF exports
- Ensure templates in the template library can be exported and imported successfully via the admin screen.


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