eCompliance Release Notes 2019.02.28

Web Release for eCompliance*

Version: 2019.02.28

In the spirit of continuous improvement, this release contains a multitude of fixes: 

*Bug Fixes*
- When you edit a hazard assessment name and republish it, the updated name does not transfer in the documents tab
- Last Modified Date is not showing properly for export from employee listing page
- Deleting Action Item also deletes Document attached to it
- Attempting to export Open Forms and All forms (from Charts & Reports) results in server error
- When creating a new site, screen says “Province” and “Postal Code” even for US customers 
- Admin users cannot modify Task/Steps of an Hazard Assessment using Firefox
- Hazard Assessment PDF distorted a company logo 
- Re-uploading a document keeps the old document filename
- Export crashing in some edge cases
- Intermittent missing attachment from mobile app 

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