eCompliance Release Notes 2019.03.07

Web Release for eCompliance*

Version: 2019.03.07

In the ongoing spirit of continuous improvement and spring cleaning, this release contains the second instalment of multiple fixes as well as a fix for the audit tool being unable to connect due to a security update: 

*Bug Fixes*
- Terminate Button throws console error
- Unable to preview report for Hazard Assessments without saving first
- Asset Images Displaying in Documents Tab
- Asset attribute name with a period character gets truncated on Asset view
- Attempting to reorganize Form order (from default to most recent-to-oldest), in an Employee Profile results in "Something went wrong!" message
- Attempting to view All Maps related to Inspection/ Incidents shows no results
- My Stuff All documents I need to read page - Last Read column shows incorrect time
- Group Certificates attachments disappearing from Attachments tab
- Linking Assets - Apostrophes and Ampersand (&) Signs Not Displaying Properly
- AuditTool cannot connect to eCMS anymore after anti-forgery update for security 
- Deleting an individual certificate gives javascript error

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