Why do I need to clear Offline data in the Field ID Mobile App?

When working in an offline mode, the data collected from events remains loaded on the user's Field iD mobile device.   

Each users' offline data collection contributes to your account’s total data collection. If too much data accumulates over time, it will slow down response time and may even force the app to time out.     

Not all users can clear their Offline Data Collection. Only Administration users can clear the data on their own account. The Super Administration user, on the other hand, can clear the Offline Data Collection, on every single one of the account’s users. To clear “Offline Data Collection” as either an Administrator or as the Super Administrator, do the following:  

1) Click on your name in the top, right-hand corner of the screen.  

2) Click on the “Mobile Offline Collection” tab   

3) Either choose to remove individual assets or “clear the entire collection.”  

Remember to purge any unused data here regularly in order to maximize the efficiency of your Field iD app. 

Please reach out to Support or your Success Coach if you have questions regarding clearing your offline data. 

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