Working Offline: Instructions for the Field ID Mobile App

The Field ID App for mobile devices (Android and iOS) provides the ability to take either a Customer/Jobsite to an offline status or take an asset offline.  

This allows the user to perform an inspection or identify assets when there is no internet connection available.  

Waiting for synchs to finish is the key to successful user experience with Field ID's offline mode. e.g.

Adding assets/places to Offline Collection or going back to the online state? Please wait for sync to finish before proceeding or turning off your device. 

How do I know if the synch is finished? Users can either wait for the flashing sync icon in top right to go away, or go to Sync & Connection and wait for the Sync Status to say “Idle” 

Be sure to synch your offline inspections before updating your Field ID app, failure to do so may result in loss of data. 

How to Take an Asset Offline:   

  1. Once signed into the Field ID app, you will be taken to the Places menu where your Customers/Jobsites are listed. 
  2. From the Places menu option, click on a Customer/Jobsite that has assets associated with it 
  3. Click on the Assets tab from the app and find your desired asset.    
  4. When you have identified your desired asset, swipe the 3 grey dots from right to left and tap the “Take Offline” icon.  
  5. The sync process will start and once completed an orange label will be tagged on the asset to indicate that the asset is offline and accessible when in offline mode.  

 Note: To remove your asset from the Offline Collection, simply repeat steps 1 to 4 and press the “Clear Offline” button.   

How to Take a Customer/Jobsite Offline:  

  1. Once signed into the Field ID app, you will be taken to the Places menu where your Customers/Jobsites are listed. 
  2. Find the Customer/Jobsite you wish to take Offline and swipe right to left over the 3 grey dots in the Customer/Jobsite window.   
  3. You will then see an option to “Take Offline”.
    4. Field ID will start a Sync process to take the Customer/Jobsite Offline. The number of assets associated with the Customer/Jobsite will determine how long it will take for the sync to complete.   
  4. Once completed, an orange label will be attached to the Customer/Jobsite indicating, Offline. 
  5. To remove the Customer/Jobsite from the Offline Collection, repeat steps 1 to 4. This time, click on “Clear Offline” to set Customer/Jobsite back online.  

 How to Switch to an Offline Connection:   

  1. Use your login credentials to sign into the Field ID app 
  2. Once signed in, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand side to open the Menu screen 
  3. From listed menu options select “Sync and Connection” 
  4. In the Connection area of the app, the status will be defaulted to Online - click on the orange Go Offline button. 
  5. Field ID will turn grey to indicate Offline mode 

Note: To revert to Online, simply press the “Go Online button and Field ID will turn blue indicating the app is online and connected to a network.  

Clearing Offline Data 

When working in offline mode, the data you collect from your events remains loaded on your Field iD mobile device.   

Each user’s offline data collection contributes to your account’s total data collection. If too much data accumulates over time, it will slow down response time and may even force the app to time out.     

Not all users can clear their Offline Data Collection. Only Administration users can clear the data on their own account. The Super Administration user, on the other hand, can clear the Offline Data Collection, on every single one of the account’s users. To clear “Offline Data Collection” as either an Administrator or as the Super Administrator, do the following:  

1) Click on your name in the top, right-hand corner of the screen.  

2) Click on the “Mobile Offline Collection” tab   

3) Either choose to remove individual assets or “clear the entire collection.”  

Remember to purge any unused data here regularly in order to maximize the efficiency of your Field iD app. 

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