New Version Numbers Coming to Field ID

We are changing our system version numbers to the more standard Major.Minor.Patch format!  (ex: 3.0.0)

Over the past month, the Field ID team has grown.  With this growth, we have implemented several new team processes that will help our team deliver high quality software more efficiently.  We have historically used a date to describe our versions.  While this may not be meaningful for most of our clients, we have found that using dates have made communication of our releases confusing.  Going forward, releases will follow an incrementing number system.  This will make it easier for us to manage releases, communicate our changes to you, and might make it easier for you to track what we’re up to as well.

What do Major, Minor and Patches mean?

Great question!  A change in Major version number implies that a very large system change was implemented, to the point that it’s almost a new application.  It is unlikely that we will change this version number any time soon… or ever, realistically.

The Minor version number is more interesting.  We will be incrementing this value for every new feature we deliver.  There are exciting plans for Field ID being defined for our Roadmap for 2019.  As we deliver on our Roadmap, we will be incrementing our minor version numbers.

The Patch version number is a value to differentiate the versions when only small changes have been made.  After we make small fixes that aren’t necessarily new features, we will increment the Patch version.  Essentially, changes to the patch number mean we’ve patched up what might not have been working well before and needed improvement.

Since previous versions were dates, such as “2018-12-04”, we are moving to a major version of “3” since it is larger than the “2” in “2018-12-04”.  And we’ll start the minor and patch versions at zero.  So: 3.0.0 will be the next release version.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our help desk at:

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