Creating Schedules on Asset Types

Recurring Schedules

A recurring schedule is setup each time you complete an event type in Field ID. It will automatically schedule the next occurrence of this event based upon the frequency that was set. To do this you must have the Manage System Configuration permission (Admins). Recurring schedules are setup on the Asset Type level. Please view the GIF below for a how to!

 Event Triggered

Event Triggered allows you to set-up auto scheduling based on the number of days between inspections. The next schedule will only be created when you have completed the event.

 Written Step by Step

  1. Click on Setup/ Assets and Events/ Asset Types
  2. Once on the Asset Type page click on your desired asset you want to create a schedule for. IE Chain Sling
  3. You will be brought to the Edit tab of your Asset Type. Click on the Schedules tab
  4. Click on the blue Create New Rule button
  5. Two options will appear from the drop-down menu, Recurring or Event Triggered
  6. After you have your selection a window will appear that will allow you to create the frequency of your Recurring or Event Triggered schedule.
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