Employee Lookup in Custom Header Fields

Users can search and select all employees in eCompliance. Upon searching, the employee's email will be provided for context. If no email is available, it will default to site membership.


Original Release on 2016/08/26:

We have added user lookup in custom header fields on both web and mobile app. When you start a new form, you can now search for login users in header field without having to type their full names and simply selecting them from the drop down.

How to get it -

If you still have the default Employees Present header field, it has changed to User Lookup type automatically.

You can use a new header field as User Lookup type by going to Inspections -> Inspections Header Fields -> Add Field then enter the name and select User Lookup from the drop down menu for Type.

How it works –

When starting a new form (inspection/incident/meeting), users can now search and select login users as well as enter employees not yet not yet have access to eCompliance.

On the web:

On the mobile app: (2.10.0 and higher)



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