New Employee Profile View (updated to v3)

We updated the employee profile page to make it easier to save changes and less likely to lose your work.

In the previous employee profile page, you can not update an user's name or phone number and have to save all the changes you made on the page (like site membership/permission/profile/training records etc.) at the bottom of the page.

In the new employee profile view, you can easily update an user's information and save the changes to site membership/permission/profile/training records right away. There is no need to save it twice!



As we continue improving the employee view, managers can now see action items for each employee in the new employee profile view. 



We now added forms and documents associated with each employee in the new employee profile view.

Also, in this new view, we introduced a new field called Role for Action Items and Forms to show the employee's involvement.

For Action Items:

1. The action item was created by the employee
2. The action item was assigned to the employee

For Forms:

1. The employee signed off on the form
2. The employee was attached to the form through a header field
3. The form was performed by the employee


Please feel free contacting us at to let know if you like the new employee profile view or have any suggestions to help us improve it!

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