Release notes thru 2016/06/29

What's new in this release:

- New Employee Profile View (Learn more about the new feature in this article)

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

- In addition to PDF reports, now you can export training report to excel files. This should be much easier for you to modify the fields to get the exact report you want.

- You can also now generate reports for all the outstanding certificates only. You will know exactly who you need to schedule for retraining after one click.
- Previously when a certificate is submitted but not yet approved, it shows up as valid in training report. That was not ideal and we have updated it. Now the certificate will only be valid in training report after it's approved.
- Users with Contributor permission were able to view form libraries and edit custom header fields. That caused some confusions and we have removed access to those pages for users with Contributor permission.
- Users were forced to suspend an action item first when it's in "In Progress" state before it can be terminated. That makes a clunky user experience. Now users can terminate an action item directly when it's in "In Progress" state.

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