Using priority ranking for action items

We have added priority ranking for action item on the web and mobile app. Now you can assign a priority ranking to each action item to stay organized and ensure you're always working on the highest priority risk reduction activities.

How to get it - 

All users who can create action items will see the new Priority Ranking field when creating a new action item.

How it works –

First, Admins can define priority rankings. The default rankings are 1-Immediate, 2-Critical, 3-Serious, 4-Moderate, and 5-Low with 0, 30, 60, 90, and 180 Days to complete. An Admin can update the default description and days to complete for the 5 priority rankings. The priority level can affect the due date of an action item.

Now when creating an action item, you can assign the priority ranking to indicate the urgency of the action required.

On the Web:

On the mobile app - creating action item in a form:

When a manager goes to action item listing view, he/she can see the priority ranking for each action item along with the progress and due date.

Applies to –

Any new action item created will have the priority rankings. No priority rankings will be added to the existing action items.

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