Release notes for 2016/05/12

Highlights of this release include

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

- We had ID number displayed in listing view for forms but they don't show up in reports. Now the form IDs are included in all form reports/exports.

- Previously the questions would be cut off on the chart if it is too long. Questions were also excluded when exporting chart images. Now you will be able to see the full questions on the chart and when exporting chart image. No more guess what the question is for the chart!

- We improved the workflow on viewing forms and action items from email notifications for users with membership to multiple sites. Those users should not encounter an error when click on any links in notification emails now.

- We updated the parameters used to calculate "average time to completion" for action items in last 30 days so that the information displayed is closer to the user experience.

Also, we added auto save function for forms in the release prior to this one. You can check it out here.

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