Introducing the formal Hazard Assessment feature

No matter the size or type of business, there are situations, conditions or things that may be dangerous to the safety or health of workers. As a key element of every health and safety program, hazard assessments provide a consistent approach to identify and control safety hazards in the workplace.

We are excited to introduce Hazard Assessment feature to allow our customers to identify and control workplace hazards more effectively. It allows everyone to focus their efforts in the right areas, and to develop worker training, inspections, emergency response plans, etc. specific to the hazards at their work sites.

How to get it - You will need to have this feature enabled for your account. Please send in your request here. Once you receive confirmation the feature is enabled, you can should see a Hazard Assessment tab on the left menu.

How it works

1. You can choose to create a completely new hazard assessment or create one from the template we included in our software.


2. Once you decide how you want to create the hazard assessment, you need to fill out the summary information. There are 5 different types of Hazard Assessment you can create.

3. You need to identify all the tasks associated with the hazard assessment, all the potential hazards for each task, assign risk rating for each hazard pre- and post-control and assign action items if it is required for control.

4. Once each hazard assessment is completed, it will be generated as PDF and become required reading document for employees.

We created a couple step by step guides in our software to get you started. Click on the link below, login and the guide will start automatically.

Create New Hazard Assessment

Create Hazard Assessment from Template

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