Release notes for 2016/04/25

What's new in this release:

- Formal Hazard Assessment module (Learn more about the new feature in this article)

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

- Excel report for forms would encounter an error if it has more than 255 columns. We have increased the limit and now the report can contain 10 times more number of columns.
- When clicking on the "Today" button for either Hire or Termination date in Employee profile will select today's date like you expect. Previously it would only select current month.
- Location field on PDF shows "_location" even when there is location information. Now the proper location will show up in the generated PDF.
- Terminated employees still show up in the list to add in Job Profile and that doesn't make any sense. They are removed from the list now.
- Attachment doesn't show up for action item creator when it's in Edit view. It is there now.
- Users would encounter an error when trying to view template in our form library. They could view it successfully now.
- Users would encounter an error when exporting Acknowledgement Report contains different users with identical name. Now the report will be exported successfully.

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