Release notes thru 2016/03/31

We were able to deploy an update before the end of first quarter in 2016. Highlights of this release include

Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

- ID number is displayed in listing view and in edit view for forms. Now the forms can be referenced more easily.

- Color indication was added for Pass/Fail answers on a submitted form. Now managers can quickly tell which question has failed and assign corrective actions more efficiently.

- We added the ability for managers to edit the user entered information on Certificate to Approve page. This helps streamline the certificate approval process.

- Bad data was being generated when users submitted forms using mobile devices with iOS8 (or below) . We have fixed the data and prevent users from submitting corrupted data again.

- User was not able to access documents that need to be read if the organization has a large number of sites. Those users can access the documents now.

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