Release notes for 2016/01/28 - Custom Header Fields

We are excited to release our first new feature of 2016 - Customer header fields in forms!

Now you can replace Client, Employees Present and Asset # fields with up to 10 custom fields. Also, you can have different header fields for Inspection, Incident and Meeting templates.

How to get it - Users with proper permission can find the feature under the Manage menu in one of the forms tab (Inspections, Incident/Hazard, Meetings).

How it works – In the edit screen, you can add or remove the header fields you want to have on your forms. There is also a checkbox for displaying the custom header field in the listing view. Up to 10 header fields are allowed for each form template.

Applies to – Any new forms started after the custom header fields are added will contain the new fields. No new fields will be added to the existing forms. 

Mobile App (Requires mandatory updates to v 2.4.1 to get custom header fields feature)

Please feel free to contact us at or reach out to your account manager if you have any questions or feedback.

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