Setting up Recordable Injuries (OSHA) after it's enabled

With our latest release, we have added injury/illness recordkeeping and reporting with OSHA standard. (WCB/WSIB standard is planned for next year)

First, you will need to have this feature enabled for your account. Please contact your account manager or to send in your request.

Once you receive confirmation the feature is enabled, you can follow the steps below to set it up.

1. Admin permission is required to set up this feature. Please make sure you have Admin permission at the top site before you continue to the next step.

2. Once you log in with your admin account, click on Settings tab on the left panel. (Settings tab will not show up for non-Admin users). You should see RECORDABLE INJURY at the end. If you don't see RECORDABLE INJURY tab here, please contact for assistance.

3. Under RECORDABLE INJURY tab, you should the site tree of your organization. Check the box for the site you want to enable the feature and you will see the popup to select authority. Currently only OSHA is available.

4. Check the box for all the sites you want to enable injury/illness recordkeeping and reporting.

5. Once the feature is set up successfully, you should see a new tab called Recordable Injuries between Incident/Hazard and Meetings when visiting the enabled sites.


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