Setting up Single Sign On (SSO) with eCompliance

We offer a Single Sign on (SSO) implementation that allows your users to be signed in to eCompliance automatically when they are using your company network or intranet.

For more information about the technical details of the SSO API, please see the notes below.

Please contact your Customer Success Coach if you are interested in adding it to your account.

The attached documents will guide you through the process of setting up SSO to use with eCompliance. The SSO SAML documentation is for all customers wishing to use the generic SSO implementation. The AD FS documentation is only for those specifically using Active Directory Federation Services. Some key points of our SSO implementation are:

  • We provide an IdP-Initiated approach for SSO specifically for our web application product.

  • All communication between the IdP and the Sp is done using SAML 2.0 protocol over HTTPS.

  • eCompliance recommends using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) as the preferred Identity Provider (IdP).

  • Another IdP that eCompliance recommends is SalesForce Identity service,
  • However, any IdP using SAML protocol can potentially be supported. (please get in touch with us to confirm compatibility).

  • eCompliance hosts the SSO endpoint that accepts SAML requests processes them and provides access to the eCompliance application.

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