Not all images were sent successfully after submitting a form from mobile app

This can happen if your internet is slow or unstable (ex. bad reception) and you have a lot of images (more than 5) attached to your form.

Here are some steps to verify that your internet connection is fast enough to upload form.

  1. Download an internet speed test app - a good one we find is at This app will tell you what your current internet speed is on the mobile device using a cellular connection or using wifi.

  2. Ensure that your speeds are at least 1Mbps download, and 1Mbps upload. This is highly recommended for the best experience using our mobile app.

  3. If your inspection has a lot of images, make sure you give it time to send all images.

  4. If you leave the site with internet access before all images are sent, the form can be resent when you open the mobile app next time. Just make sure your internet is faster, or try syncing at the office with better internet speed.

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