Can I add training requirement for a single employee?

Yes, you can add a training requirement for a single employee. 

However, please note this method of adding training will NOT include the employee's records in training reports. 

We recommend you assign Job Profiles to add training if you want to track and report on training. 

If you still want to add training for a single employee, ensure:

- The employee already exists in your account (to add a new employee, click here)

- The training course has been added to your account (to add a new training course, click here)

If both of the above have been completed, follow these 4 steps to assign a course to one of your employees:

1. Click EDIT button to the left of the First Name of the employee who requires course assignment to bring up their employee profile.

2. Scroll down within the employee profile to the point where you can see the employee's training courses. Click on Add a Training Requirement.

3. Click on the required course from the list.  When you click, the course will automatically be added.  Click the close button or the red "x" at the top of the screen when finished.

4. Click on Save to save the change. Now the employee will see the required training course show up in My Stuff page.

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