How to create an action item

1. Click on the Action Item tab within the left hand tab menu

2. Click on Create Action Item


3. Fill in applicable data: Action Required is the action which needs to be done (must be filled in to create the Action Item), Assign To will search for an employee within your account, or Assign to new user can be selected and required fields will appear to indicate the First Name, Last Name as well as Email Address.

4. The Schedule toggle can also be turned to “On”. This function allows you to schedule the action item to recur at predefined dates. The current options are Every day, Certain days in the week (Sunday-Saturday), Certain days in the month (1-28) and Every year.


5. Click on Create to complete the process.

Once an action item is created, it will be in In Progress state. You can learn more about different states of an action item in the article - Working with action items using the "Quick View".

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