Inspection scoring feature

To get started using this feature please follow instructions below. For more in depth view on the feature, please check out our webinar - Inspection Scoring 101 (21 min long).

What is inspection scoring?

Inspection scoring allows safety professionals to add pass/fail scoring points and percentages to their mobile inspections and have those results saved in a centralized location (the cloud) for further data analysis and trending by office staff.  

How can I get it?

To access the web application, please go to to design an inspection with scoring and ensure that users have the latest version of the app. 

 How to include scoring in an inspection template?

There are two ways to get an inspection to have the scoring feature:

  1. Create a new inspection template in any of the 3 inspection types (Inspections, Meetings, Hazard ID's) 
  2. Copy an existing template (Inspections, Meetings, Hazard ID's) and turn on scoring.


Once prompted, click 'Yes" on the option to include scoring in this template. If you click "No" then the template will not include scoring.


Designing the template:

Once the template includes scoring you can choose the "Overall Passing Score" and each section's "Passing Score":

1. Overall Passing Score - the inspection will pass if all sections pass and the total percentage is equal to or above this number.

2. Passing Score - the section has a passing percentage that if the section fails the entire inspection form will fail. This is used to mark a section in the form as important enough to fail the form if the section fails. Leave as zero "0" to always pass the section, marking the section as non essential.



Add questions that support scoring

There are 3 types of questions that support scoring:

  1. Pass/Fail/NA
  2. Multi Select
  3. Single Select

Pass/Fail/NA - For this type of question select the points the question will get if the user selects a "Pass" and the points for a "Fail". If "NA" (not applicable) is chosen then the passing points will be removed from the inspection's total. "NA" removes the question's points from the total inspection. Example below:



Multi-Select - For this type of question decide if you want a not applicable "NA" option. NA will remove the "Max Score Allowed" from the inspections total. For each option specify the "Answer" text and the associated score if that option is chosen. Add as many options as you need by clicking on "Add Answer" to the question. The "Max Score Allowed" should be equal to or less than the sum of the answer's score. This allows the question to have a total score by choosing some or all of the options. The total score accumulated for this question will not overpass the "Max Score Allowed". Example below:



Single-Select - For this type of question decide if you want a not applicable "NA" option. "NA" will remove the highest answer's score from the inspections total. The example below shows that "NA" will remove 4 points from the inspections total.


*** Leaving scores blank for Single Select and Multi-Select questions makes the question non-scoring again; this allows users to still use these questions on a scoring template but not have scoring on them.

Performing inspections with scoring

Once the design of the inspection template is complete, remember to publish the template from the template listing view "Publish Now" in order for instances (Inspections, Meetings, Hazard ID's) to be made. Employees will now be able to "Start New Inspection", "Start New Incident" and "Start New Meeting" from each of the corresponding sections.



Inspection scoring on the web:






Please contact your Success Coach or for any questions and feedback. 

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