How do I add my company logo to the header and PDF reports?

eCompliance customers can display their organization's logo in the top left corner of the web application as well as on PDF's generated from the forms (Inspections/Incidents/Meetings).


First you'll need to find your company logo or have a graphic designer source one for you. We recommend the following size: 210px by 50px and in either .jpg, .gif, or .png format.

These dimensions ensure your logo will be displayed clearly.

Only eCompliance Admins have the permission to upload or change logos. 

Steps to upload logos:

  1. After logging in and on the Home tab, click on Change Logo at the right hand menu. (The function won't show up if you do not have sufficient permission)
  2. There are 2 sections - HEADER LOGO (left) and REPORT AND MOBILE LOGO (right). Click on the switch below "Use this logo?" and it will change to Yes.
  3. Click on Upload From Computer then browse your computer for the logo you want to use and click on Open.The previews will show what the logos will look like and you can use different logos for the header and the report.
  4. Click on Save and you will see the header logo shown up at the upper left.
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