Release notes for 2015/10/15

We have deployed a new release for October last night. In the last month, we focused on fixing some issues in our web app as well as updating our password reset process.

What’s new in this release:

- Password reset email now gives the user a link to set a new password, rather than simply assigning a new one.


- Requiring users to confirm their old password before setting a new one in Profile page.


- Password needs to be at least 8 characters now.

 Bug Fixes:

- Date Sent field will be updated now when an invitation email is resent.

- Users can delete inspection/incident/meeting that is in draft status with manager's notes.

- Manager's Notes field no longer blocks any date!

- Users will no longer receive outstanding training certificates email reminder after the account is cancelled.

- When clicking on "Documents to read" tab in My Stuff, it will show all documents but can only acknowledge ones that are not read.

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