Release notes for 2015/09/18

This release includes many upgrades for existing features as well as improvements to our server environment: 

1.  New action item chart called "Completion" to show the average time to completion of all Action Items completed in the last 30 days (calculated by using the "owner start date" and the "completion date").



2. New Action Item workflow that will automatically move you to "in-progress" view once you accept an Action Item. Also, when adding an action item and assigning it to yourself, you'll no longer need to accept it. It will be accepted automatically and you'll be taken to the in-progress state ready to enter in your Action Taken.


3. We've completed a huge server overhaul so that we can have capacity to grow as our customers grow. The good news is that we've improved in areas like redundancy, reliability, continuity, and performance.

  • Upgraded database server hardware.
  • Upgraded web server hardware.
  • Setup an environment to be able to do automated one-click deployments.
  • Setup a redundant server environment to switch over to in case any downtime catastrophes should occur (improve business continuity)
  • Setup an environment to support load balancing.
  • Reduced the downtime required to perform deployments.
  • By using database indexes and improved queries, we've continued to improve slow areas of our site with 3-4 times reduction in render times. We have tests showing the documents tab reporting as much as 7 times improvement in load times with over 5000 requests successfully completing.

 Other bugs fixed in this release:

  1. We have addressed issues caused by upgrade to NHibernate 4.0 which includes the ability to copy and paste images for Home page in Firefox again and enter really long text in the Long Note field in the inspection.
  2. Email addresses used to accept invitation is no longer case-sensitive.


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