Release notes for 2015/08/10 - Mandatory Fields and Manager's Notes

You've asked and we've listened! Based on customer feedback we've made some improvements to a few features in the eCompliance Management System.

Highlights of this release version 2015.08.07 include:

1. Mandatory Fields while performing inspections - To help prevent incomplete data from being signed-off, we've added "Mandatory Fields" as an option to templates to identify important fields that you want filled in before submitting for sign-off. This also helps with reporting because you'll be assured that the information you're searching for is complete because it has been filled in before field workers can submit inspections.

How to get it - When designing templates (for Inspections, Meetings, or Incidents/Hazards) questions that can be made mandatory will have a checkbox option called "Mandatory Question" next to it. Checking this box will force the inspection forms to have these required fields filled in before the form can be sent for approval.



Applies to - Questions that can be made mandatory include (multi-select, long notes, short notes, date, date-time, and signature). Both web and our mobile app (Version 2.1 and up) will support this feature. Release version 2.1 can be found on the Google Play Store for Android devices and iTunes App Store for iPhones and iPads.


How it works - Questions that have been marked as "Mandatory Question" on the template will restrict the inspection form from being submitted, "Submit For Sign-off". You can however "Save Draft" or "Print to PDF" without filling in the Mandatory Fields. This restriction is enforced on both the mobile app (version 2.10 and up) and web forms.

Mobile App



Web App




2. Manager Notes on submitted forms - Managers, supervisors and executives expressed a need to review and add comments on submitted forms. In addition to being able to request a revision to a submitted form, management can now review these forms and provide a documented trail of comments pre and post-completion which are time-date stamped.

How to get it - At the top of each Inspection, Incident/Hazard, Meeting form, there's a new field call "Manager notes". If you have manager permission, you'll be able to make comments that are date-time stamped.



Applies to - Both open and signed-off forms (Inspections, Incident/Hazards, and Meetings) will allow Manager Notes to be added. These Manager Notes will also be shown on the PDF reports generated from the system. This only applies to our eCompliance web application



3. Updated workflow for forms on the web - Previously the workflow allowed signing off a form when it's saved as draft on the web. Now the workflow requires the user to "Submit for Sign-off" or "Save Draft" and only allows managers to sign off if the form was submitted for sign-off.


4. Added "Site" column to certificate export - As ongoing feedback from customers, an additional column is added to show "Site" on each certificate row for the "Export Certificates" feature in the Employees/Training tab. Having the site column will help customers identify employees by sites more easily. Multiple certificate rows will show for every site the employee is at. This is by design as its complicated to display a comma delimited list due to customer's requirements to sort by the site column.




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