Release notes for 2015/05/13

We have simplified our action item workflow in our latest release.

New Features:

Streamlined action items

(in-depth look in this article)

Enhancements and bug fixes:

  1. Removed the "Change Scope" filter in the Action Items listing view, and replaced it with one link "Show all action items (including completed)". Previously there were 5 options to change scope and our analytic data show that not many customers used it.
  2. You can now see all schedules for action items in one place, and turn them off/on depending on your needs. This feature is available next to the "Create Action Item" button in the Action Items section.
  3. When viewing Inspections, Meetings, and Incident/Hazard forms customers will now be able to see if there are any open Action Items in the form.

We are confident that these changes will create a better experience for you, our customers. The continuous improvement action items of your Health and Safety system are now more streamlined.

If you have any feedback or see more areas of improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to make things better!

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